• A unique technology with scroll wheel that reduces the risk of injury.

SmoothGrab rullar

More efficient bale handling without damage!

SmoothGrab reduces damage and thus undesirable odor that can easily arise in the management of waste bales.

A unique technology with scroll wheels makes the grapple easily rolls down between the bales without damaging them.

SmoothGrab avställningsplattform

Smooth position and service platform

The platform is designed to be easily and safely moved with a forklift. When not in use, the bale grab stay parked in position on the platform and is then easy to quick connect, entertain, move etc.

SmoothGrab rundbalar

Available in different configurations

Handle up to 2, 4 or 8 square bales in a single lift.

Manage round bales, either at the gable end or round section. There are versions for 2-4 bales.

Increase productivity with Smart Grab X8, which takes 8 bales in a single lift.

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When unloading bales

When unloading bales lock the reel side in a vertical fixed position. The grapple will then gently scroll down between the bales without damaging them while the other side clamps the bales.

When loading bales

When loading bales, let the non scrolling page be locked in a vertical fixed position. In order to maximize cargo space and compress the bales together the thickness of the grapple is only 60 mm at it’s widest point.


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